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Hitman won't come out on disc until January 2017

If you were hoping to buy a physical copy of Agent 47's new adventures, you'll have to wait a little while longer than we thought. IO Interactive told VideoGamer that Hitman's disc version is now planned for January 2017, pushed back from its former late 2016 release window, though it's not saying why.

The entire first season of Hitman is still expected to roll out digitally by the end of 2016, seven episodes and six major locations in all. The retail version, which bundles it all together, was the only part to get a little push. IO Interactive has made a big show of online support for the game, with time-limited Elusive Targets and other live events, but I can certainly understand wanting to sit down and play it all at once rather than waiting for the digital drip feed.

Though as a big fan of (most of) the Hitman series, and as someone who usually enjoys episodic games, I'm totally tearing into Paris when it comes out tomorrow.

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Connor Sheridan
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