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Hitman: Absolution silent assassin rank guide - how to stealthily eliminate all of your targets

Mission 9: Shaving Lenny [Part 2]

Above video: How to eliminate Mason McCready

Head straight and you’ll notice a lower level. Make your way down there. While ignoring the guard, pick up the wrench on the metal barrel on the left. To the left of the barrel is prompt to detach a wire. Then go to the right of the barrel and pull the lever.

Go back to the upper level and hide behind the short wall near the barbecue gathering. Once you hear Mason (at the grill) scold a guy from bringing the wrong sauce, go back down to the lower level. Face the wall opposite the wall where you pulled the level and you’ll see a ledge. Climb the ledge, turn the corner, and pull yourself up to another ledge. Make your way to the window. You can move the camera to watch Mason meet this electrified demise or you can go through the window and move on to the next target. Either way, Mason will die from peeing at a live wire.

Above video: How to eliminate Luke Wheeley

After going through the window, you can exit through either door. Whichever you choose, make your way to the far door on the same floor (there’s only one such door). You’ll notice you’re in a barbershop. Change into the barber disguise at the bottom of the stairs. Facing the mirror, turn right. Hover around the open kitchen area, where you’ll be told that the pizza is for Lenny. Notice that Luke is next to the oven. After ten or so seconds, everyone will disperse, giving you an opening to turn on the oven. While you’re doing this, keep an eye on Luke on your radar.

Hang out in the storage room to the right of the kitchen and wait for Luke to return. When he does return, stay hidden in the storage room and wait for him to stand next to the oven again. You’ll have enough of an angle to shoot the oven, killing Luke in the process.

Above video: How to “eliminate” Lenny Dexter

Your next objective is actually not an assassination, and therefore not a high scoring goal. We’re including this tip because we wanted to show the most efficient way to abduct Lenny.

After the explosion, wait for the commotion to settle, and wait for Lenny’s reaction to the incident. He’s due for a shave and a haircut which is why you put on the barber disguise earlier.

Simply follow him back to the barbershop and take him for a ride.

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