Halo 3 in September?

MS Corporate VP Shane Kim has hinted at a September release date for Halo 3, telling 1UP that Bungie would like to get its shooter out the door before Rockstar's massive fourth GTA arrives in October.

"If they can get out before GTA4, they probably feel like that's better, sort of like Xbox 360 coming out before PlayStation 3," he said, adding that that decision is apparently not up to Microsoft: "We don't tell Bungie when they have to ship Halo 3."

As for the chances of Microsoft shipping the 360 messiah outside of the traditional November window, Kim points out that it's had success jumping the month before: "What happened in September of 2004? In September of 2004 we released Fable, Fable got big sales and then in November got big sales again," Kim said. "I just believe great titles can get the double bump and I think Halo 3 is going to be that."

When we picked up the phone (as if they'd say anything beyond "we don't comment on rumors") Microsoft was unfortunately unavailable to comment on the report, but with Blue Dragon occupying the August slot and GTA IV in October one thing looks certain; Halo 3 will launch in either September or November.

Book both months off just to be safe.

March 15, 2007