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Gradius Collection review

When in doubt, shoot everything in the head


  • Unrelenting gameplay
  • Five games in one
  • Fan-service goodies


  • Seriously
  • you will die
  • Five roughly identical games
  • No co-op?

Today, "shooter" refers to a first-person game that puts you directly into the action, usually with some kind of elaborate set of firearms. But many years ago, the term was synonymous with side-scrolling shoot 'em ups that plopped your lonely space ship into an endless armada of hostile alien craft - Gradius Collection compiles five of this genre's toughest, hardiest games onto one disc, ready to remind us all how unforgiving these games can be.

Yes, there are five games in this compilation, but they all play basically the same. All you have to do is dodge a never-ending cascade of incoming bullets, collect power-ups to get your ship in tip-top shape and manhandle a screen-filling boss at the end of each level. Sounds easy enough on paper, but actually weaving through the narrow corridors of space stations or dense... space jungles is a feat only the best can pull off.

The only way you can plow through each level safely is by maxing out your power-ups, from searing lasers to gravity bombs. Problem is, if you die (which happens in one measly hit), you lose everything you obtained, including speed boosts. So there you are, mid-level, weak as a newborn, declawed, pacifistic kitten, forced to make do. Getting your ship back up to par depends on if there are enough item-dropping enemies nearby... and there usually aren't.

Totally new to this compilation is Gradius Gaiden, a game that's never made it to these shores before. This one offers four different ships to choose from, adding even more customization to your weapon-gaining ability. Gaiden also seems to be one of the more balanced games on the disc, as the older titles are absolutely ruthless. Plentiful continues and mid-mission saves help, but newcomers are in for a shock.

More info

DescriptionFive of the toughest, old-school space shooters packed onto one disc. It's your ship against a million other alien creatures - now go!
US censor rating"Everyone"
UK censor rating""
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)