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Gotham Knights co-op will be completely untethered (and you can play as two of the same hero)

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Montreal)

Gotham Knights co-op will be full of freedom, including untethered roaming and the ability to switch between characters at any point, we learned during an exclusive interview with creative director Patrick Redding and senior producer Fleur Marty. 

"You can drop in and out of Gotham," Marty explains, "And, of course, bring your own character when you're visiting someone else's Gotham City. And it's an actual untethered co-op play, so you can be in two completely different parts of the city if you wanted and join at some point to take on a specific mission."  You read that right, completely untethered roaming. 

That's not the only typical co-op gameplay restriction that WB Games is lifting for Gotham Knights. "If your friend is also playing as Batgirl, you can be two Batgirls in co-op, if you want to," Marty reassures us Batgirl stans. 

"We picked these characters in part because they embody certain stylistic choices that the player will make from a gameplay point of view," Redding explains. "It's not just who they look like and their background and their temperament - it’s also how they play. So we expect that players will have favorites, and we expect players that are playing in co-op, for example, to have both a favorite that they like to play in single player, and potentially a second that they like to play in co-op."

And if you're not feeling Batgirl during your playthrough, don't fret. "You can switch characters at any point in the story, however you want," says Marty. "You just have to go back to The Belfry to do so, that's your homebase."

Gotham Knights story is "completely original", not based on the comics. 

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