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Get pre-loading, because GTA 5 unlocks Monday at 4 pm PT on PC

Don't worry, GTA 5's PC version hasn't suffered yet another delay - quite the contrary! Well, a few hours to the contrary, at least: Rockstar has revealed that North American players will get to migrate to Los Santos earlier than they may have expected.

GTA 5's digital versions will unlock worldwide on April 14 at 12 am BST, according to the Rockstar Support Twitter. That means you can start playing at 4 PM Pacific on Monday, or 7 pm PT Monday on Eastern time. As for UK players, at least you don't have to wait until the wee hours of the morning to get started this time around.

If you want to start playing GTA 5 as soon possible, you should begin pre-loading now-ish. It takes up a grand 65GB of storage space and Steam's servers are already fighting valiantly to deliver all those bits of geography, music, and expletive-strewn dialogue to thousands upon thousands of players.

Or you could always order the seven-disc set...

Connor Sheridan
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