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Game music of the day: Wizards & Warriors III

Game:Wizards & Warriors III

Song: Knight's Guild

Composer:David Wise

Seeing as "game music of the day" has slowly become "game music of the month," I feel the need to burn through some of my personal favorites before this column completes its transformation into "game music of the never." To that end, I've dug up one of the fastest, rocking-est pieces of NES music I've ever been caught headbanging to...

Just listen to that! Imagineitplaying while trying to avoid spikes and land precise jumps on tiny-ass platforms! It's one of the most intense moments you'll ever encounter on the NES, all thanks to this song from the highly capable Mr. Wise. As for the game itself... eeh it's OK. The music is the real star.

As you can tell by the lack of additional YouTube entries, no one really bothers with W&W3. It released as the NES was dying, even as the Super NES and Genesis/Mega Drive were heating up, so who could muster up the enthusiasm to play the third entry in an already so-so franchise? I barely did... but in that short time, holy GOD the music blew my mind.

Vode An by Jesse Harlin