Freeze Frame review

Big Brother has a lot to answer for - - not least this initially intriguing but soon-becomes-farcical reality-TV thriller.

Lee Evans plays Sean Veil, a onetime murder suspect so terrified of being framed again that he films every second of his life. The next time the cops come knocking, he reasons, he'll have a cast-iron alibi. Until, of course, they do come knocking, whereupon Sean finds that a crucial block of videotape has gone walkabout...

Jumping nimbly between DV, CCTV and Super-8, John Simpson's feature debut evokes a sense of sneaking paranoia and icy dread that taps into contemporary fears over intrusive state surveillance. Unfortunately, Freeze Frame is pretty much scuppered by Evans' limited dramatic capabilities. Shorn of both hair and eyebrows and equipped with a risible self-recording Steadicam, the hyperactive comic is so freakish, so bizarre, as to be virtually unwatchable.

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