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Four new games added to $20 Nintendo Selects line

Today Nintendo revealed the next four classic Wii titles to earn the "Nintendo Selects" treatment - Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!! and Super Mario Galaxy, one of this generation's best games period. As of August 28, each will be marked at $19.99 and semi-ruined with gawdy red packaging. Serious (i.e. anal retentive) collectors should hit stores ASAP to scoop up the remaining white-boxed copies marked down to $20 before the Selects versions are all that's left!

In all seriousness, these are all outstanding titles (Strikers less so, but still quality) that more than justify the purchase of a Wii, should you be among the nine who don't already own one. I know we all joke about dust collecting on this system, so now's the chance to put it to good use; and if you forgot, theprevious four gamesinthis line are worth your time too. As for today's reveals, here's our verdict on all four:

Brilliantly walks the line between casual punchy-punchy and hardcore depth

A near-perfect blend of old, new and RPG chatiness

The most eye-poppingly intense "sports sim" on Wii

Prepare to have a smile permanently branded on your face

August 16, 2011