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FIFA 21 Early Access release may have crashed EA Play

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FIFA 21 Early Access was meant to start today, October 1, but it looks like many players are unable to download it.

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Twitter and Reddit users worldwide are reporting EA Play is down. When they attempt to download the ten-hour FIFA 21 Early Access file, it seems many are getting an error that reads "Whoopsie, it looks like we've hit a snag." Others are reporting the Xbox Store is having issues with FIFA 21 Early Access, as well. 

FIFA 21 EA Play Early Access began Thursday, October 1 at 4pm BST / 11am EST / 8am PST. Only those subscribed to EA Play will have access to a ten hour trail of FIFA 21 ahead of its launch, with another ten-hour trial available on launch day. FIFA 21 Ultimate and Champions editions will release October 6, while the standard edition drops October 9. As of the time of publication, PC users should be able to download the FIFA 21 trial on Origin right now while Xbox users can download it from the Store - Steam and PS4 users are meant to get it later. That's all assuming EA Play and the Xbox Store are currently working, however.

As of 12:25pm EST, players worldwide are still reporting they cannot access EA Play, and have been unable to for nearly an hour and a half. The outage seems widespread, but not all-encompassing, as some are reporting they have access to EA Play after several attempts.

We'll keep you updated on all FIFA 21 and EA Play news as soon as we hear of it.

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