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Fantasy F2P RuneScape 3 released world-wide

RuneScape 3, the third chapter in the hugely popular online MMO series, is now available to play. The latest version of RuneScape features substantial upgrades to almost every aspect of the game, the most significant of which sees player-driven events shaping the entire world. The fantasy realm of Gielinor really is in your hands now.

Speaking about the announcement, Mark Gerhard, CEO of Jagex says: "The RuneScape 3 development team has worked tirelessly to delight our community with this significant upgrade. Married to the concept of our players determining the future of RuneScape, we believe RuneScape 3 is the most ambitious game ever launched on this cutting-edge future technology and lays the foundation for our upcoming expansion onto tablets."

The game is free-to-play--and it runs through your browser--so anyone can rock up and give it a go. Perhaps that's why over 220 million RuneScape accounts have been created since the original game launched back in 2001. Want more RuneScape facts? Here's a link to a cool infographic, explaining some of the series' biggest numbers.

Gerhard adds: "With the launch of RuneScape 3 we are looking forward to welcoming new and old players alike back to the magical world of Gielinor." RuneScape 3 is available to play now.