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Fallout 4 graphics comparison puts PC, PS4, and Xbox One side by side

The reviews are out, and we here at GamesRadar+ really think you should play Fallout 4. But, assuming you have more than one system, you still have to decide which version you want to get. Fallout 4 plays largely the same across PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so here's a video comparison that will let you see the graphical differences between the three.

Even the upheaval of social order can't keep a maxed-out PC from doing its usual thing and outshining the consoles, with more convincing lighting and smoother framerates. It's much tougher to spot differences between the PS4 and Xbox One versions, though the latter does seem to have a slightly warmer color palette (or maybe that's just the solar radiation).

Xbox One will also get Fallout 4 mod support once Bethesda rolls out its full Creation Kit for PC players. Bethesda hopes to bring mods to the PS4 version as well, but only after it's up and running on Xbox.

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