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F3AR and other games which swap letters for numbers

The only artwork for Thief 4 that exists is this logo. It must have posed its creator something of a headache. Why else would they have replaced the 'e' with a 4? At least a 3 looks like a backwards 'E'. Did no-one think of this when they were signing off the logo?

Wipeout 3

For anyone who remembers the early days of PlayStation when it was still aimed at stoners and clubbers, Sony used to get shithot designers like The Designers Republic to work on Wipeout for them. Although, to be honest, if finding a futuristic font on and replacing the 'e' with a '3' makes you a shithot designer, we're in the wrong job.


This was probably the first time we were genuinely aggrieved at the use of a '3' instead of an 'e'. Mainly because it made it such a pain in the ass to spell-check any articles that used the word Driv3r. And the game was a bit rubbish. Ha ha, we can say that now and nobody gives a crap.

Shadowman: 2econd Coming

Say it with us, as it's written. Two-econd coming. Phonetically that's all wrong. A '2' simply doesn't look like an S unless you're foolish enough to buy a personalised numberplate that's supposed to say 'Steve’s' but reads 2T3 UES.


Or, as we never called it, when we never asked for it in the shop: onesane.

Any we've missed/deliberately forgotten?

April12, 2010

I hate the 267.