Embarrassing game magazine covers

You’d think anything published after Nintendo Power’s second year would be wise to TV and movie tie-in trickery. And you’d be wrong. Oh well, chalk it up to a slow month, and run publicity shot from whatever’s hitting mutliplexes

Above: Before you throw stones, how could Atari Age know it would be complicit in the collapse of an entire industry? Oh yeah, because they previewed this awful game!

Above: This one still hurts too much to joke about

Above: The game should’ve been subtitled “Retail Success”

Above: Yes, there was a time when we thought Simpsons games could be more than shit. Just before the first NES game, in fact. However, that Season 1 art is still unforgivable

Above: Everything about this remains wrong!

Above: Not everything Kevin Costner touches turns to gold. That sub headline really should’ve come with a question mark

Above: Was there even a Star Trek VI game?!

Above: Sigh… Remember when Phantom Menace could do no wrong?

Above: Way to take Van Damme movie art and edit out the Van Damme

Above: This issue hit newsstands over sixty years too late

Above: Bruno receiving higher placement than Double Dragon and Super R-Type should’ve had hardcore gamers throwing batteries at the EGM office

Care to see some horrible Street Fighter Art? Cause it’s only a click away…