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Eighties SF Fashion Disasters

Welcome to the start of Ashes To Ashes week here at Starting from Monday there'll be a bunch of totally exclusive Ashes To Ashes features on the site, as well as a couple of '80s themed nostalgia fests – like this one!

Join us as we travel back in time to the decade fashion would rather forget. A decade of big hair, big shoulder pads and tiny little ties; leg warmers, body warmers and catsuits; pastel shades and neon tights. On TV and in the movies nothing dates like the future and that goes doubly so for fashion, with SF predicting a future very much like the past.

So here’s SFX’s gallery of some of the greatest ’80s Sci Fi fashion disasters.

The aliens in V had clearly done their homework when it came to blending in with ’80s culture. They clearly came for our hair lacquer.

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