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Dusty Brendan Fraser franchise "The Mummy" gets the MMO treatment

It’s understandable that MMOs are addictive; leveling up, building your skills, and playing with other people online creates a time vortex unlike any other. The problem is that MMOs appeal to way more people than just typical gamers, so how to draw the general public into a huge timesink MMO? Attach it to a modern, well known franchise! Or in the case of The Mummy Online, just a well known franchise.

Above: Breaking news! The Mummy Online to feature pyrmaids, mummies!

"The Mummy", a pretty decent screwball action series that was popular in the last millennium (1999), has been somewhat bizarrely chosen to get the MMO treatment. Much like the shameless franchise exploitation of Hello Kitty Online, gameplay expectations for The Mummy Online are, not surprisingly, pretty low. IMDB says that a 4th Mummy movie is on the way though, so perhaps some sort of tie-in will draw fans in.

Above: Brendan Fraserchecks out the reviews for Mummy 3

The game, recently announced by MMOG gamemaker, will be a browser based “action-RPG” MMOG, though there’re no details yet on how it will play. It's set to launch this Winter, which will give all those folksstill bitter over their deleted Geocities Mummy fansites plenty of time to prepare.

Jun 3, 2010

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