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Dragon Quest X development coming along swimmingly

It's been more than five years since the last numbered Dragon Quest title was released for a home console, but the wait will be over soon as Dragon Quest X is due out on Wii... sometime, and the game's development is wrapping up.

In the most recent issue of Nintendo Power, series creator Yuji Horii remarks, "All we can say is that development is going well and we're on the last parts of the game."

As for a release date, that's still being discussed. "We can't really share much else at this point, but by the end of this year we should be able to announce something regarding it," Horii said.

Entries in the main Dragon Quest series have been bouncing back and forth between handhelds and consoles over the last several years. Dragon Quest IX was released for the Nintendo DS and was preceded by Dragon Quest VIII, which came out in 2005 for the PS2.

Horii said a lot of fans wanted a gameplay system similar to VIII, and noted that those comments are being taken "into consideration."

"Of course, in the future we might develop on handhelds again, so it's really a case-by-case basis. It all depends on what the customer wants at that time," he said.

[Source: Go Nintendo]

Mar 31, 2011