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When your Dragon Age boyfriend's trying to break up but a wyvern keeps killing you

Breaking up is never easy, but it's particularly difficult when a wyvern keeps eating you. One Dragon Age: Inquisition player has documented her experience with what appears to be a very specific, very persistent glitch, one that causes a hungry hungry wyvern to show up when she (minor spoiler alert) begins the Solas breakup cutscene. It's almost too good to be true... but even if it's staged, it's still funny as hell.

Every time Solas starts talking about his experiences in the fade and the Inquisitor's Dalish culture, the Wyvern interrupts the emotional exchange by murdering her. Sometimes it jumps right in, sometimes it looms in the background, but it always ends the same - even if she kills the wyvern before starting the cutscene. Maybe it's just trying to spare the Inquisitor the pain of life without her egghead paramour?

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Connor Sheridan
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