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Come and peruse Destiny 2: Forsaken's new Exotics with me

If the loot cave taught us anything, it's that Destiny players are in it for the shiny loot as much as the space-wreck aesthetic and stories about warring intergalactic races. Bungie knows this only too well, and is happy to feed our sickness with a preview of the Exotics you can expect from upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Forsaken.

A standout for any self-respecting Titan? The new Antaeus Wards that make you basically rocket-proof, projectiles bouncing off you if you slide into the attack just right. Personally, I like the attention-grabbing visuals of the Voice of Thousands Trace rifle, which shoots "an exploding beam of fire."

As you might expect, the my fellow fan's reactions to the new loot have been balanced and reserved. Only kidding! 

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Bungie also gave us a peek at its development roadmap from now until Forsaken, which you can study at your leisure below. 

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