Clifford's Really Big Movie review

A tightrope-walking cow, a juggling ferret and a huge red dog. No, you haven't been taking banned substances: you've merely stumbled into this big-screen spin-off from the popular kiddies' 'toon series about the outsized mutt with a big heart and an even bigger appetite. That said, a helping of hallucinogens might be just the ticket should you find yourself obliged to sit through this winsome dreck.

Low in both budget and inspiration, this cut-price cash-in tries to up the ante by taking Clifford off his bone-shaped island and dumping him on the road with a travelling animal circus. But the ensuing sluggish hijinks will only placate the most undemanding infant, while the barely adequate voice-cast (Jenna Elfman, John Goodman) is testament to the general lack of ambition. John Ritter died shortly after recording his last Clifford vocals; you might have thought all concerned would have given him a better send-off.

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