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Christmas console war!

The future
The PS3 is set when it comes to dealing with different types of media. It's currently lacking in the software department as there aren't enough knockout games coming out just for the PS3. The situation is likely to improve with the release of Metal Gear 4, Killzone 2 and LittleBigPlanet. Then there's the PlayStation Home, which looks like all the functionality of Xbox Live but set in virtual world.

What's to love:
+ Free online service
+ Built-in Blu-ray player
+ Not needing batteries for the pads
+ It's a big pulsing ball of techno-muscle - with massive potential
+ PSP connectivity
+ It can be used as a hard drive TV recorder with Play TV (out next year)
+ It's the most versatile machine when it comes to non-games entertainment

What's to hate:
- Few great games exclusive to the PS3
- Difficult to develop for, resulting sometimes in weaker game performance
- Needing a HDTV to get the most out of it
- Lack of content on PlayStation Network compared to the Wii's Virtual Console and Xbox Live

The PS3 is still in its infancy as a console and so can't really compete with the Wii and 360 when it comes to amazing exclusive games. But it's a machine with incredible capabilities and a bright future - with a role as a multimedia machine to be placed at the heart of your HD set up. Then with PlayStation Home and LittleBigPlanet out next year, the online service might even outshine Xbox Live.

It's the console for you if:
+ You want more out of your console than just gaming
+ You're prepared to wait for the PS3 to fulfill its potential
+ You want to become part of an online community (PlayStation Home) from day one