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Buzz sets its sights on Hollywood

Friday 3 August 2007
Post-pub favourite Buzz! will get a set of 5000 new questions all related to movies, celebrity gossip, and the lives of the stars, when Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is released for PS2 this October.

A few rounds of the previous music and sports games has always settled the %26ldquo;I know more than you%26rdquo; office arguments in the past, and we expect the Hollywood edition to do just the same for films and celebrity trivia.

Including over 100 movie clips as well as stills, celebrity images, sound clips, quotes and Hollywood trivia this looks like it%26rsquo;ll be the perfect reason to once again put away those regular controllers, bring out the buzzers and start rummaging around the back of your brain for the answer to that one question that has everyone else stumped.

Check out more Buzz! shots from the sliver screen in theimage gallery.

James Jarvis

Hi I'm James or JJ if you like, I'll answer to both. I'm the Head of Video here which means I've had at least a part in all the hot video content you'll find on the site (even if that part was just saying, yes that's a good video). Recently I'm getting to grips with looking after a puppy and trying to keep up with Fortnite challenges. The puppy is winning.