Bluetooth connection issue arises with Sixaxis

Distressed forum goers have experienced frequent connection failure between their Sixaxis controllers and the PS3.

The fault, which seems to occur at random, results in a complete loss of control for around three seconds.

The numerous posters in two separate NEOGAF forum discussions (hereandhere) have noted that the error is unrelated to the battery charge level, with low battery power being the initial suspected cause.

Some suspect environmental interference could be causing the signal failure between the Bluetooth devices, while others suggest the PS3 and/or controllers may have weak or faulty transmitters.

Above:A picture of the culprit

Uncannily, during the writing of this very story we experienced the exact same fault while playing Resistance (busy day?). The pad was nearly fully charged and was less than two feet away from the PS3.

SCE UK saidtheywere "unaware of any faults" regarding Sixaxis connection. "That's the first I've heard of it,"they said, with the spokesperson adding that maybe people could have dropped it or damaged it somehow. "We've been playing the PS3 here since November and haven't experienced any problems."

Apparently there's no issue when the pad's connected via the USB port.

March 14, 2007