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Artist Dave Gibbons to spend a Weekender in Camber Sands

And who says we don’t treat you well? Another week another earth-shaking addition to the SFX Weekender , but this one had even us consummate professionals getting all wobbly around the knees. Dave Gibbons, the legendary artist responsible for the likes of Watchmen and Rogue Trooper - as well as contributing to Dan Dare, the Green Lantern and Batman - will be spending a weekend in Camber Sands with an army of SF die-hards!

After last week’s announcement that the creators of 2000 AD will be joining us, as well as the presence of Hollywood hot-stuff Mark Millar, we’d be surprised if there’s a comics fan in the country who hasn’t already booked their place for the East Sussex extravaganza on 5-6 February.

Mr Gibbons won’t just be there to sign a few books, oh no, he’ll be presenting a one hour drawing masterclass, participating in a talk/Q&A session and he’ll be attending the star-studded SFX Sci-fi Awards 2010 on Saturday night. With all this going on as well as the Maskerade Ball , Imaginarium funfair , Blastermind quiz and a galaxy of sci-fi greats to meet we’ve no idea how it’s all going to fit into those two short days.

Tickets are flying off the cyber-shelves, so to make sure you don't miss out on the most exciting science fiction event of 2010 visit or call 08700 110034. Better still, point a friend or relative in the direction of the website for a Christmas pressie or put a ticket at the top of your list to Santa.