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Aaron Taylor-Johnson talks going up against Godzilla

In issue 216 of Total Film magazine , Aaron Taylor-Johnson talks about going up against one of cinema's biggest, baddest beasties - Godzilla himself.

Inside the issue - which is available for just £1.99 on your iPad - Taylor-Johnson reveals director Gareth Edwards put him through his paces as a soldier who tangles with the giant monster.

“It was a physically demanding role," he tells us. "I'm in helicopters. We're on trucks and trains and we're moving giant missiles...

"Things are crashing around us. You're getting close to death. There's a lot of sutff that's made it really active."

Godzilla o pens in the UK on 16 May 2014.

For more from Taylor-Johnson, pick up the brand new issue of Total Film , which is out now , and includes an exclusive look at The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and The Lego Movie and many more exciting new movies , plus chats with Zoe Saldana and Colin Farrell.

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