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50 Funniest Movie Mash-Ups

Thorested Development

The Movies: Supergod epic, Thor and TV comedy, Arrested Development .

The Mash-up: A fanmade animation, this mashup spoofs the format of Arrested Development to tell the story of Thor’s daily tribulations with his family.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Thor’s family make fun of him by performing the Bluth’s chicken dance.

You, Me And E.T.

The Movies: Best friend mooch-com, You, Me And Dupree and Spielberg’s alien friendly, E.T.

The Mash-up: What would happen if E.T. moved in with you and the missus? Here’s a never-before-seen glimpse into the day-to-day experience of Carl (Matt Dillon) and Molly (Kate Hudson) as they share their home with a flatulent alien.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: E.T. turns into a Lynchian voyeur as he watches the happy couple embarking on a bedroom romp through the slats in the closet.

Wall-E Vs. Elysium with Matt Damon

The Movies: Pixar’s robopocalypse tale Wall-E , Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium and just a smidgen of Behind The Candelabra .

The Mash-up: The little robot that could, Wall-E, is portrayed by Matt Damon, a lighthearted chappie keen to get to Elysium via any means necessary.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: The body modification sequence Damon undergoes before his visit to Elysium results in an entirely different get-up than you’d expect.


The Movies: Animated frivolity in the form of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and adult superhero caper, Watchmen .

The Mash-up: A trailer for a new breed of superhero emerges when the animated frolics of a gaggle of ponies are united with the husky voices of the Watchmen.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Any time Pinkie Pie speaks. With Rorschach’s voice.

2001: Goodfellas

The Movies: Wiseguy gangster biopic, Goodfellas , and Kubrick’s sci-fi stalwart, 2001: A Space Odyssey .

The Mash-up: The soothing tones of supercomputer HAL are replaced by the jibes of mobster Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci) as he taunts astronaut Dave (Keir Dullea.)

Greatest Example Of Synergy: “How am I funny?”

We Bought A Jail

The Movies: Cameron Crowe’s feelgood zoo dramedy, We Bought A Zoo and prison classic, T he Shawshank Redemption .

The Mash-up: The story of Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) and his decision to buy a zoo is eschewed in favour of instead purchasing a state penitentiary, with visuals of the glorious Shawshank prison as well as the catcalls of its unruly inmates.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Mee is welcomed to his new property by a lovely singsong from the convicts.

Silence Of The Beast

The Movies: Disney’s Beauty And The Beast and serial killer flick, Silence Of The Lamb s.

The Mash-up: Belle’s visit to the Beast’s desolate castle, mixed with the sounds of Buffalo Bill getting ready for a night on the town.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: The Beast confronts his dollied-up self in the mirror with one of Buffalo Bill’s most pertinent questions.

Yes Man

The Movies: The original Star Wars trilogy and Jim Carrey comedy, Yes Man .

The Mash-up: After a lifetime of saying no to everything, Darth Vader has a change of heart and adopts a refreshing new attitude. Combining a gamut of Vader’s affirmatives, this preview spins him into something akin to a motivational speaker.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Vader’s response to Luke’s gut-wrenching “Noooooo!” from the end of Jedi.

Iron Dancing

The Movies: Eighties sleepover fave, Dirty Dancing and Marvel’s first phase one entry: Iron Man .

The Mash-up: In a new blend of THAT scene from Dirty Dancing , Patrick Swayze proves that to overcome snobby rich prats all you need to do is dance... with Iron Man. Shoving Baby aside (heaven forbid she’s in a corner somewhere), Swayze takes Stark’s hand for the final foot shuffle.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: Iron Man taking a running jump into the well-toned arms of his dance instructor.

Neo Lebowski

The Movies: 1998’s stoner bowler epic The Big Lebowski , and 1999’s existential actioner, The Matrix .

The Mash-up: Omitting Keanu Reeves’ character Neo from his first meeting with the great Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne), The Dude (Jeff Bridges) steps in for him in this beautifully bonkers splice. Even The Dude’s clips have been graded to match The Matrix scenes.

Greatest Example Of Synergy: The Dude’s response to Morpheus asking if he believes in fate.

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