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30 Greatest Movie Themed Weddings

The Notebook (2004)

Why It's Cool: Not only is this a fun play on words, it's a fun play on an entire movie, with the sign for this couple's guestbook turned into a look-alike of the poster for The Notebook – with the bride and groom standing in for Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.

They also had a Watchmen -style wedding cake. Now THAT is awesome .

If It Was A Film: It would be a weepy follow-up to The Notebook , with a woman searching for the man who signed her wedding guestbook because she wants him rather than her new hubbie.

Photo: Cantina Light Photography

More Zombies

Why It's Cool: It's zombies at a wedding!

Sure, [Rec] 3 wasn't as critically beloved as its predecessors, but as this image (and parts of that movie) shows, a bride fighting zombies with a machine gun is simply one of the coolest concepts ever.

If It Was A Film : According to [Rec] 3 , it'd end up with the bride chainsawing her way through her guests.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Why It's Cool: It's a clever little reminder for guests to head to the wedding reception after the ceremony – only it's done in the style of Little Miss Sunshine , and looks totally legit.

If It Was A Film:
It would be about a family on a mission to get as fat as possible.

By eating five dinners every day. And they won't even be walking from restaurant to restaurant.

Star Wars

Why It's Cool: It's a bridal twist on that great scene in the first Star Wars where Darth Vader uses the Force to strangle a Death Star worker.

We're going to try this one at home – all it takes is to clutch your throat while jumping in the air. Easy as pie – and it looks amazing.

If It Was A Film: It would be about Princess Leia turning to the Dark Side, and using the Force for evil.

Ryan S Burkett

Street Fighter

Why It's Cool: The bride and groom use the infamous 'hadouken' pose to blast their guests.

This bride obviously had a touch of the bridezillas, huh?

If It Was A Film: It would be called Street Fighter: The Wedding , and be set entirely around the nuptials of your favourite Street Fighter characters.

Only somebody wants to crash the wedding...

Luminaire Images Photography

Every Zombie Movie Ever

Why It's Cool: What starts out as an innocuous, cutesy set of wedding photos quickly descends into something far darker, more entertaining and just plain funnier, as a couple take on a wandering zombie.

Check out the full sequence of photos here .

If It Was A Film: It'd be another zom-rom-com about the two last people on Earth battling to save their love – and their own lives from flesh-chewing zombies.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Why It's Cool: This isn't so much of a themed wedding as a wedding that partially took place on the set of Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy-closer.

Rich and Michele got married in St Paul's Cathedral in Pittsburgh where the movie was shooting, and were given a tour of a military-design Tumbler. Not bad.

If It Was A Film: It'd be a Fanboys-style drama about a guy whose only dream is to ride in the Batmobile.

And on his wedding day, his wife makes it happen. Hankies at the ready...

Back To The Future (1985)

Why It's Cool: We can do nothing but applaud this geeky couple, who love Marty and Doc Brown so much that they dressed up as them in order to create BTTF -style wedding invites.

“I had loads of fun making my own feminised version of what I thought a girl Doc should wear- I felt equally nerdy and beautiful in my outfit for the shoot,” says bride Jennifer.

If It Was A Film: It would be a sexy Back To The Future remake in which the Doc is actually really hot – which makes things confusing for Marty.

Photo: Shift-4 Photography

Alice In Wonderland (2010)

Why It's Cool : If Tim Burton's otherwise underwhelming fantasy had anything going for it, it was the eye-popping costume design.

That's the thing that Erin and Matt seized on for their Alice In Wonderland -themed wedding, which saw them dressing up as Alice and the Mad Hatter respectively.

If It Was A Film: It'd be really, really disturbing – since when were Alice and the Mad Hatter made for each other?

Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

Why It's Cool: This couple decided to “kick it up a notch and do something cool” for their wedding, which meant grabbing a trio of AT-ATs from the Star Wars verse and creating one of the coolest wedding photos over.

Who needs rigid grins and perfect postures when you can be running screaming from AT-ATs?!

If It Was A Film: It'd be the first Star Wars film set on Earth, which is being colonised by AT-ATs...

Photo: Little Blue Lemon Photography