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25 Terrifying Movie Hooligans

Derek Vinton - American History X (1998)

The Movie Hooligan: A white supremacist, Derek Vinton (Edward Norton) leads a Neo-Nazi sect in Venice Beach, inflicting his views upon society via any means necessary.

Nastiest Moment: He serves a gang member a slice of his own vigilante justice for trying to steal his truck. Forcing the lad to bite the pavement, Derek curb stomps him.

Combo - This Is England (2006)

The Movie Hooligan: A sociopathic nationalist recently let out of the slammer, Combo (Stephen Graham) settles scores via his own brand of raging violence while dishing out rants condemning the English immigration system.

Nastiest Moment: SPOILER : In a failed attempt to recant his own racist agenda, he instigates a hang-out with Milky (Andrew Shim), but his jealousy flares up and he beats his old friend senseless - possibly to death.

Peter and Paul - Funny Games (2001)

The Movie Hooligan: This pair of smug sadists roam an affluent neighbourhood, taking families hostage and subjecting them to vile acts of torture under the guise that it’s all a game.

Nastiest Moment: A restrained and blindfolded Ann is taken onto a boat with her two attackers after nearly 24 hours of abuse.

Paul (Michael Pitt) kisses her on the head, and pushes her with one hand overboard, bidding her an eerily-casual goodbye - “Ciao, Bella.”

Begbie - Trainspotting (1996)

The Movie Hooligan: A foul-mouthed, racist homophobe, Begbie (Robert Carlyle) likes the finer things in life: drinking, fighting and more drinking.

Possibly followed by more fighting.

Nastiest Moment: Lobbing a pint glass into a crowded pub - lacerating the face of a woman - he kickstarts a bloody bar brawl.

Alex - A Clockwork Orange (1971)

The Movie Hooligan: An uber-violent teenager, Alex rapes, pillages and robs while commanding his gang, The Droogs, to commit similarly heinous acts on society’s vulnerable.

Nastiest Moment: He rapes the wife of a writer to the eery strains of Beethoven.

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