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10 Wii games that kicked ass in 2010

The quick sell: Lightning-fast fighting on par with Marvel vs Capcom

We love TvC – we really do. Even though half of the characters come from Japanese cartoons that range from obscure to hopelessly obscure (though we have a guide for that), the energetic, tag-team battle system makes TvC a kaleidoscope of irresistible chaos. Who cares if you can’t tell Tekkaman from Ippatsuman when they’re corkscrew suplexing each other through a volcano?

The downside? Wii’s online structure has never been the best, and even though TvC does an admirable job of working around Friend Codes, the fact remains that most online gamers have moved on, leaving a fairly slim number of internet duelers. However, if you prefer playing with someone sitting right next to you, there’s no goddamn reason to pass this up.

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