Two Can Play That Game review

When her boyfriend goes astray, it's time for Shante Smith (Vivica A Fox) to instigate a "10 Day Program" to manipulate his feelings and get him back. But - you guessed it - this man has a mind (and friends) of his own and won't be easily swayed.

Turning a relationship into a battleground, writer-director Mark Brown treads familiar territory here - this kind of warring-sexes banter was bread and butter for Spencer Tracey and Katharine Hepburn back in the '40s. The upshot is that, despite a wisecracking cast and some funny moments, the story remains old hat and, in more than a few places, utterly silly. The central couple are so sickeningly attractive and successful that it's hard to feel for them. And that's before they start behaving with the emotional maturity of 13 year olds.

A cynical look at the way egos get in the way of emotions, Two Can Play That Game gets one thing right, and one thing only - this couple deserves each other.

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