Twitch Prime subscribers can get up to a year of Nintendo Switch Online for free - here's how

Twitch Prime members can now claim a year of Nintendo Switch Online membership through a new limited-time promotion, but there are a few limitations attached to the offer and claiming the membership involves jumping through multiple hoops. 

Here's how the freebie works. All Twitch Prime members have until September 28 to claim three months of Nintendo Switch Online. In order to claim the other nine months, you'll need to keep your Prime membership going for 60 consecutive days. Twitch Prime is part of Amazon Prime, so in other words, you need to be a two-month Amazon Prime sub in order to get the full year of Nintendo Switch Online. Luckily the yearly offer is open until January 22, 2020, so you've got time.

If you already use Amazon Prime, this is an easy freebie for you. Just head here and claim the membership via the button at the top of the page. If you aren't interested in Amazon Prime, you won't be eligible for the latter nine months of Switch Online, but you can still get three months using the one-month Amazon Prime free trial. I tested the process myself, and while it is annoyingly complicated, it's worth it for the free sub. So, here's how to claim three months of Nintendo Switch Online via the Amazon Prime (and Twitch Prime) trial. 

First, sign up for the free Amazon Prime trial here. Note that this won't work if you've used the trial in the past. Be sure to disable Prime auto renewal if you don't want to continue your subscription.

Next link your Amazon account and your Twitch account via Twitch. This will activate Twitch Prime. Again, if you just want to use the free trial, check your Twitch subscription settings to make sure your Prime won't renew.

Now link your Twitch account and your Nintendo account via the offer page. Click "Claim Now" to start this process. One more time, via your Nintendo Eshop account settings (under Shop Menu and Subscriptions), check your auto renewal settings if you don't want your Switch Online subscription to renew after three months. 

It takes a bit of doing, but there you have it: one free month of Twitch Prime and three months of Nintendo Switch Online. 

If you want to keep your sub going, here's where to get Nintendo Switch Online cheap.

Austin Wood

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