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Tweets Of The Week

What shore leave looks like on JJ’sEnterprise, Joss Whedon’s Midnight Avengers and Nathan Fillion on his favourite episode of Firefly, all in the latest round of Tweets

Twitter has been used for great things. First hand reports from the middle of war zones, announcements that Fringe has got a fifth season... but none greater than last Saturday when, thanks to the collective tweets of @ simonpegg and @ ZacharyQuinto , we got an insight into what shore leave looks like on JJ’s Enterprise:

@ ZacharyQuinto i am at a hooters in northern california watching a boxing game. i have never felt more at home. cc: @simonpegg

@ simonpegg Oh it's happening ... @ZacharyQuinto

@ ZacharyQuinto if you're wondering if cumberbund is in the house...

@ ZacharyQuinto grandma @simonpegg drives us to SF while grandpa pine sits shotgun curmudgeonly.

@ simonpegg The morning after. Eggs with Benedict. Photo by @ZacharyQuinto

Alright, it’s not like this gives us any insight whatsoever about what to expect from Star Trek 2 , but it’s amusing to think the Enterprise crew spend their downtime watching boxing in Hooters rather than relaxing breaks on Risa...

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ MoTancharoen Midnight Avengers.

@ THEBRYANHITCH Avengers is an awesome movie. Ultimates is the HBO series with unlimited budget.

@ Markgatiss Avengers *Assemble*? Dear me. What a weak choice of verb! Next: Superman Arrives. Batman Hesitates. Spiderman Looks.

@ dhewlett So sad to hear about Joel Goldsmith. His music made our adventures through the Stargates truly magnificent!

@ NathanFillion Out of Gas. My fave. Gina had to go get married, so she was unconscious for the ep.

@ DamonLindelof DARK KNIGHT gets blowback for not enough new footage while PROMETHEUS eats shit for showing too much. Can the porridge EVER be just right?

@ neilhimself My wife was at a wedding today. I was half a continent away. She was a zombieschoolgirlbridesmaid. I shoulda gone.

@ simonpegg To answer a few enquiries, the shoot has been roughly six months. Six glorious, hectic, exciting months. Thrusters on full, phasers on fun.

@ SamWitwer Watching #ThePrisoner again. Patrick McGoohan has a perpetual half-smile that is either the result of nerve damage or incredible charisma.

@ Y_Strahovski And that, ladies and gents - is what I call a WRAP for me on I, Frankenstein !!!!!!

@ elizadushku #GOT 's I'm not really down with the #FireLady who came out of nowhere, nor the #ShadowKiller that came out of her.. %26 I quite miss #NedStark

@ steven_moffat Back inNew York. This time with Sherlock. Don't tell the Doctor!!

@ WarwickADavis Thanks for all your 'May the 4th Be With You' Tweets. 'Yub Nub!' to you back. #WicketWWarrick

@ TheRock Y'all ain't ready. 6-29-12. #GIJoe

Jordan Farley

Jordan Farley
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