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The reporting of news has fundamentally changed thanks to Twitter. Take last Wednesday’s announcement of Doctor Who ’s new companion, Jenna Louise-Coleman. In the past, the experience of such events was this: journalists in attendance frantically texting their co-workers in the office who bung up as much information online as quickly as possible. And before that: journalists in attendance casually jot down a few notes and write up a story two weeks later, the rest of the world finds out in 3-4 weeks.

Now, of course, there’s a much more direct route to the audience, only during last week’s announcement there wasn’t because none of the journos in attendance had a signal (except @ bbcdoctorwho naturally). Regardless of who tweeted it first, the world found out at almost exactly the same time as the once privileged-few did, the democracy of information in a nutshell. This is a Very Good Thing of course, and you might rightly ask “What do we need websites and magazines for anyways?" Well, the only problem with Twitter’s bare-bones news service is that unless you’re sat in front of a computer watching the stream tick along chances are you could miss a vital piece of information, and 140 character bursts don't exactly lend themselves to such things as analysis, commentary and colour, which is why we suggest you check out our updated companion news page , and our handy Doctor Who series 7 accumulator . Oh, and follow us on Twitter . It’s the future you know.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ simonpegg If you see a link to a news item entitled Simon Pegg talks Star Trek 2, it will invariably be about how I cannot talk about Star Trek 2.

@ neilhimself No, SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNSTMAN looks cool. And MIRROR MIRROR looks desperate. RT @BeachBassBone : Do they both look awful to you?

@ RhettReese Roger Ebert famously said Video Games can't be art. He needs to play Journey on the PS3.

@ ManMadeMoon I think EDI and Gerty would make beautiful babies together.

Computer games graphics artists, love you guys so much. So sorry I hardly notice %90 of what youve put in a level! Bet its awesome!

@ SamWitwer Speaking of #TheMist , Greg Nicotero was kind enough to curse my home with this little bastard.

@ leeunkrich In case you're wondering, in two years it will be my twentieth anniversary at Pixar. For that, I'll get a bronze Woody.

@ ninadobrev Day 1 of shooting the season 3 finale of The Vampire Dairies. It's the beginning of the end of the season...

@ Markgatiss Tonight: The Living Dead at theManchester Morgue! Wanted to see it since seeing stills in House of Hammer magazine years ago.

@ cbalestra Infected #thelastofus

@ warrenellis If the Doctor Who cast gets any younger they'll have to be filmed with a laparoscope

@ TomHarrisMP No, @carolynharris , it is *not* my "map of tragedy" - it is a map of Westeros out of "Game of Thrones" that I got free with @SFXmagazine .

Felicia Day

@ feliciaday So I imported my ME2 character into ME3 and...someone got the ugly stick out with the pixel conversion. #fugly

Bryan Lee O Malley

@ radiomaru someone cared enough to hire @ADAMATOMIC (creator of Canabalt) to do the Hunger Games: Girl on Fire iOS game. someone gets a cookie

@ TheRealNimoy On the set Of Big Bang with Jim Parsons ! LLAP

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@ simonpegg Morning all. Happy @WilliamShatner day.

@ WilliamShatner @simonpegg I've heard about William Shatner Day but I do have a question; what do I do on William Shatner Day?

@ simonpegg @ WilliamShatner Anything you want to boss. :)

@ ERICBALFOUR I'm thankful that when I was 18 and didn't feel interesting enough that I didn't legally change the spelling of my first name to "Aeryk"...

@ nolanfunk @allisonscag Montreal is really close toToronto... just sayin. Todd misses Claudia

@ RealKiefer Reunited w/ @joncassar ,lead Director of "24", directing on #Touch . Couldn't be happier!

@ charltonbrooker Tax relief for games industry? But they're loaded. Played a game the other day; gold coins all over the place. Some floating in midair.

@ therealcliffyb Dragon's Lair is the herpes of the videogame business. It never goes away, no one wants it, it's it's not fun.

@ ManMadeMoon Just watched new BSG Blood %26 Chrome trailer. Makes me wonder about the future of studio "tentpole" movies.

Studios have been relying on Sfx to justify the "event-iness" of summer blockbusters, but as Blood & Chrome & Game of Thrones are showing...

Tv is fast catching up with their ability to provide "scale." will be interesting to see what studios focus on next to lure us to the cinema

@ DarrenAronofsky just saw hunger games. gotta say it was suspenseful. good young cast. of course jennifer josh and liam but watch out for knife asassin.

@ bengcotton Zeppelin certainly does the trick. Hi5 @Syfy

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