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Moebius remembered, a Sarah Connor Chronicles reunion and which of Buffy’s Trio was in the original pilot presentation? Find out in this week’s tweets!

It’s been a dark few days for the world of legendary sci-fi artists. Only last week we dedicated this section to the ground-breaking Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie, and now the equally influential Jean Giraud, aka Moebius, has also slipped from the mortal coil. Giraud worked primarily on French bandes dessinées, but his impact stretches much further. His design work on Alien , Tron , The Abyss , The Empire Strikes Back and The Fifth Element is unmistakable, while ripples of his twisted style echo throughout cyberpunk classics Blade Runner and The Matrix . The Twitter has been remembering one of SF and fantasy’s few true visionaries in the most appropriate way possible, by showcasing his art for the world to see. He will be missed.

@ ManMadeMoon All the great sci-fi artists are leaving us... :( RIP Moebius.

@ GreatDismal RIP Moebius. Wonderful and inspiring works.

@ wossy Sad news. Jean Giraud aka Moebius has left the planet. One of the true masters of bande desinee. I have a pic he drew for me.Will tweet it

One for the #Moebius fans. He was one of the greats.

@ neilhimself RIP Jean Giraud who wrote and drew as Moebius. His art inspired me when I was 14, & his stories did too, because I didn't understand them.

And because a couple of people asked, my favourite of all Moebius stories was the Jodorowsky-written EYE OF CAT in Taboo.

@ somebadideas Jean Giraud aka Moebius did this drawing of Nausicaa for Hayao Miyazaki. A titan of the imagination, RIP

@ jock4twenty I was lucky enough to meet Jean Giraud twice, both times at #ficomic in Barcelona. An amazing artist. R.I.P.

@ davegibbons90 RIP Jean Giraud.

@ neveldinetaylor moebius :(

@ BRIANMBENDIS oh, my heart breaks! RIP Jean Giraud, Moebius a gigantic true hero of mine.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ DamonLindelof Why is everyone so surprised JOHN CARTER is totally awesome? I went with high expectations and they were SURPASSED. Epic. Fun. SEE IT.

@ JaneEspenson Congratulations to Danny Strong, whose #GameChange is on HBO tonight. Danny was in original Buffy pilot presentation, 15 years ago!

Clarifying, Buffy had an early, shorter version of its pilot filmed, called a "presentation". Jonathan (Danny) was in this presentation.

@ theThomasDekker Family Reunion - Cameron, John and Sarah... #TSCC

@ OldRoberts953 Ooh, look what I got in the post today. #Shada read beautifully by Lalla Ward and John Leeson, with great music and fx!

@ SethGreen So I totally saw @ZacharyLevi do this tonite... #ThatHappened

@ SamWitwer The story of the lower half of Darth Maul is coming next season.

@ simonpegg The alien that played #Paul has returned to his planet due to concerns about typecasting although he came close to playing Lisbeth Salander.

@ danharmon Money hasn't changed me. I still play Minecraft. HUMAN Minecraft. FIND THE DIAMONDS or NO CHICKEN, Javier

@ grumpygamer Almost got [into] a fist fight with the Limbo guys last night over my comment in the KS video where I said Limbo wasn't an adventure game.

@ StephenMangan THANK YOU for your overwhelming messages of support %26 appreciation for #DirkGently . Woke to hundreds of them. Delighted so many enjoyed it.

@ stevendeknight Oh how I hate that one. Horrible shit storm. RT @kaboom43 @javadevx my favorite was the exploding baby on #Smallville !

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Wil Wheaton

@ wilw Anne and I are watching her first ever episode of TNG together. So of course it's Home Soil.

Ian Somerhalder

@ iansomerhalder My office for the day...

@ HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN Out of all psychic live action film, I like Cronenberg's "Scanners" the best but [I] also... like "The Fury" by De Palma. I even paid homage to Psychomantis in MGS1. Lately, I rarely witness this kind in today's film. I am dying to see psychic film that's already out in US, "Chronicle".

@ markromanek Alfred Hitchcock's iPhone...

@ ILMVFX This just happened...

David Slade

@ DAVID_A_SLADE To those posting image sets of mine - here please use originals the colours are too saturated on the ones you have 4:

@ SethGreen FemShep herself @jhaletweets %26 I wish you all the best of luck as you battle for the galaxy's survival #ME3

Joshua Gomez

@ JoshuaEGomez Well it was another beautiful warm sunny day here in lala land. ...or so I've been told. Thanks a lot #MassEffect3

@ ManMadeMoon To all you lucky guys %26 gals playing Mass Effect 3 today, you BETTER appreciate the sacrifice Im making to get this script finished! ;)

Felicia Day

@ feliciaday I am in a different country from my Xbox and Mass Effect 3 is out today. This torture is against UN regulations I think :(

Bryan Lee O Malley

@ radiomaru Trying to import my character from mass effect 2 into Journey but it isn't working :( :(

@ wossy So. the bad news is, my wife is out for the night. The good news is, I get to save the world early...

Jon Favreau

@ Jon_Favreau Thanks @ingandela for cosplay images

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