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Reaction to those Oscar noms, where you can find more Firefly episodes and a glimpse at Jane Espenson’s first ever Star Trek spec script, all in this week’s Tweets

The SFX Twitter stream has been dominated by three things over the past week: The Oscars, the Sundance Film Festival and your reactions to our poll of 2012’s top 50 vampires.

Sundance first. For those who aren’t in the know the Sundance Film Festival is where many of the year’s small to mid budget releases premiere, and is often an indicator of what to look forward to from the film’s releases. The Twitter consensus so far – the ones to watch are V/H/S , Safety Not Guaranteed and Robot And Frank . Mark the Twitter’s words, it’s rarely wrong.

In case you haven’t heard the Oscars were announced yesterday – Twitter of course being the best place for instant (overblown) reactions. And though the SF showing isn’t as strong as it might have been, Hugo and Midnight In Paris received nominations in most major categories, while Hugo has the most nominations of anything this year – 11! Best of all, Kung Fu Panda 2 is now Oscar-nominated. Justice at last.

Finally, if you were to search @ SFXmagazine right now, you would see that reaction to our (somewhat controversial) top 50 vampires poll has been dominating our @ mentions. And it’s not what you would expect. The Buffy fanbase aren’t up in arms about [spoilers!] Spike losing the top spot to The Vampire Diaries ’ Damon, rather the True Blood fanbase seen outraged that Eric is “only” number two. For cold blooded creatures, vampires sure do inspire a lot of red-blooded passion.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ stevendeknight Grrr! Argh! RT @Javi305Boy Hey @stevendeknight can we have zombie Romans? This should boost up viewers :)

@ GroovyBruce Off to casting sessions for the Evil Dead remake. Here's to finding some kick ass thespians!

@ rcjohnso Is it just me, or do the Star Wars 3D posters look like graphics you'd see on Star Wars branded paper party plates?

@ JaneEspenson I just found my 1991 Star Trek: TNG spec script that got me started. This is the best page.

@ NathanFillion For the record, @alan_tudyk writes future Firefly eps in his head.


@ mrmarkmillar Dear J Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker IS Spider-Man. How the fuck do you think he gets all those CLOSE-UP PHOTOS of him FIGHTING? Idiot.

@ ManMadeMoon Wish you could see the stack of script notes I am going through. Look like the schematics for a power reactor. Bloomin' sci-fi...

@ DamonLindelof Some dude in Al Qaida just said he could have stopped THE HAPPENING from getting made.

@ TheRealNimoy To cast and crew of the new Star Trek film. Thrusters on full !! LLAP

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