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Resident Evil revelations, a Buffy / True Blood werewolf crossover and was Lost made up as they were going along? All in this week’s tweets

The film industry is driven by the PR cycle. Announcements, trailers, behind the scenes previews, magazine articles, TV interviews, every stage is carefully choreographed for maximum exposure and minimum leakage. Some campaigns are more successful than others, but what they all have in common is that (at least when it comes to studio movies) the suits call the shots.

The internet has changed that. Pap shots appear online almost daily from the sets of future blockbusters ( The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers being the most obvious examples), forcing film studios into releasing imagery of characters in costume before the internet gets hold of them via a telephoto lens. Twitter has been somewhat immune to this so far, mainly because someone is always accountable, someone has to tweet it. In fact stars and filmmakers frequently have it written into their contracts not to tweet/announce any information about a film under threat of obliteration (or something similar).

Milla Jovovich obviously doesn’t have that clause in her contract (that or her obliteration is imminent) as she’s been making relatively huge Resident Evil: Retribution announcements in throwaway tweets and Twitvids for the past couple of weeks. For example in a pair of tweets last week she announced and confirmed that not only had Johann Urb joined the cast of the new film, but that he would be playing Leon Kennedy – a fan favourite character from Resident Evil 2 and 4.

@ MillaJovovich Hey guys! Here's a little vid of the 1st official RE cast read through! It's so cool to hear every1 saying their lines!

So here's part 2 of the vid!

AND if u checked out my vid yesterday from the table reading u wld hve noticed Johann Urb! He is our Leon Kennedy n looks jst like him BTW!!

It’s quite possible all this was cleared by the team at Sony pictures of course, in which case we applaud their open-minded approach to the virtues of social marketing, but it’s more likely there were a number of frantic phone calls after these particular tweets, which might explain why Jovovich’s tweets since have been much more innocuous:

@ MillaJovovich How cool is this?! We're shooting guns 2day! Check this vid!

Here's the fun part! Vid 2!

Still, for Resident Evil fans (there must be a few of you out there), it’s definitely worth staying tuned to Jovovich’s account, you never know what might turn up next.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ joe_hill 15 minutes until the Doctor. I don't know about anyone else, but I'm hangin' around after for BEDLAM.

@ stevendeknight Why aren't more people watching Fringe?! It's got double Anna Torv! Plus David Fury writing this season! Get on it!

@ SethMacFarlane How come whenever I get a suit cleaned, it comes back with a Klingon bat'leth stuck through the buttonhole?

This. What the fuck are these things?

@ jumblejim Maddie got all weirded out because I'm wearing an SPN fan tshirt. I think she thinks I can't be a fan of my own show.

@ JasonRitter Ho hum. Today the updated ICO/Shadow of the Colossus comes out for PS3. Just stay calm, it's not that big a deal. Stay Calm. STAY. CALM.

@ OldRoberts953 Sad for all the folks on Confidential. Happy for the general public seeing less of my stupid face every year.

@ JamesGunn RT @ClareGrant Eating ur friend's brain first, then coming for your brain @JamesGunn . Beware. - Uh oh

@ DamonLindelof Context is everything, folks. Yes. We made up the pilot as we went along. Because we wrote it in TWO WEEKS.

That link I just tweeted all had quotes from my FIRST meeting with J.J.. Yes. In that meeting we made things up. As we went along.

However, I did read that SURFACE, THE EVENT and FLASH FORWARD worked out a complex bible for multiple seasons, so shame on me.

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