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Farewell tweets from the final day of Eureka , Simon Pegg on those Star Wars changes and which director is addicted to Deus Ex ? All in this week’s tweets

Goodbyes are never easy, but they’ve become even more difficult in an age of instant mass communication. Imagine if Twitter had been around when Firefly was cancelled, the internet still wouldn’t have recovered from the sudden explosion of geek outrage.

Plenty of shows have been cancelled since the birth of Twitter, but few shows with as much of a presence in Twitsville as Eureka . Most of the stars are on there as well as several of the writers and creators, which explains why the streams were quite a sombre place this past week as those involved in the show tweeted their final farewells from the set.

@ sallirichardson WOW I just came home from a 7 year journey. Thank you Eureka. You have taught me many things . Thx to the fans you are the best.

@ jaimepaglia Just wrapped the #Eureka series finale. Seven years, 77 episodes. It's been an amazing journey. Thanks to everyone for making it possible.

@ wilw That's a series wrap for #Eureka . I feel like I should say something profound, but I'm just overwhelmed with sadness and gratitude.

@ neilgrayston Aaaand that's a series wrap on #Eureka . Weird. .

@ colinferg Goodnight everyone. Thank you.

The life of a sci-fi celeb never stops though, with many of the cast hoping on planes mere hours after wrapping to attend ginormo-US convention Dragon*Con. For a flavour of the event you could do no better than checking through @ feliciaday ’s gallery of costumes from the show floor, including this familiar looking oversized hat:

@ feliciaday Super-sized!!! #Dragoncon


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ simonpegg It's a shame Darth Vader didn't say "NO" to slaughtering all them little kids. He's alright though because he threw an old man down the bog.

"Stop it! I want to show Luke that I look like a boiled egg under this mask!" #whatvadersays

@ DamonLindelof @simonpegg "Looks like you just ran outta PalpaTIME!!!" #whatvadersays

I wonder if the finale will be better appreciated if we have Vincent shout "NOOOOOOOOO!" over the final shot.

@ wilw Make sure to search your Blue Ray of Stand By Me for the special, enhanced scene where Gordie cries,"Nnnnnoooooooooo!!!!"

@ trutriciahelfer Omg, @edwardjolmos , Hogan and Tahmoh having dinner. My lovley men!!

@ hitRECordJoe No, this is the first I've heard about that one. :oD RT @RamfusBrock : Any truth to the rumors of a sequel to "Conception"

@ alan_tudyk Considering wearing my IRobot green screen body panty for the Malibu triathlon. Can I be digitally turned into a panther or a cheetah?

@ HamillHimself Off to Vegas for a Arkham City event on Wednesday- the more they show me of this game, the more mind-blowing it is-can't wait until it's out

@ feliciaday Super Excited that they announced Mass Effect 3 FemShep is a redhead! Not that I wouldn't have customized her as such anyway, but still :)

@ ManMadeMoon Just finished Deus Ex... thank god! Got that out my system. Bloody game has kept me up for nights.

@ Mike_Dougherty Together again.


@ RhettReese They missed an opportunity with Human Centipede 2 not calling it Human Millipede.

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