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A picture special! Plus, how much of a sore loser is Misha Collins? And the GREATEST TRAINERS EVER MADE. All in this week’s tweets

What’s the deal? Did someone forget to tell us the past seven days were international Twitpic week? Because it seemed words were in short supply as our streams lit up with smiley, and not-so-smiley (see left), celebrity faces at all hours of the day. They say a picture says a 1000 words, so here’s 7,000 of Twitter’s finest.


@ AntoniaLThomas On set, loving them x

@ EddieMcClintock Working with @neilgrayston ! One of the good guys! #WAREHOUSE13

@ JoshuaEGomez Well Look who came to play with me and @ZacharyLevi . Yay!

@ theaarondouglas Sometimes cleaning the house pays off. What a great frakkin pic. @Scott_Ian

@ neilgrayston And here's pretty much all @feliciaday did on set while waiting to film #eureka . Must. Find. Cellular. Signal.

@ iansomerhalder Unfortunately @ninadobrev has been replaced on #TVD :( Here is a photo of our new cast member...


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ pattonoswalt Just saw the GHOST RIDER trailer. He pees fire. It comes out in February. Getting in line now.

@ RAYPARKACTION Ok I'm getting my fix of [Mortal Kombat] before going into do fight rehearsal as Snake Eyes. Played Tekken %26 Soul Edge while filming [Episode 1].

@ Y_Strahovski Ive 3 starred pretty much EVERY level of EVERY type of angry birds. Rio. Seasons. The original. Just have a FEW to go...the stubborn ones...

@ stevendeknight Aroused. RT @RingofFire1 @stevendeknight Are you flattered or frustrated that there will be a SpartacusXXX movie?

@ wilw Dear Valve: It took me a long time to finally sit down and finish Portal 2. It was entirely worth the wait. Thank you for an awesome game.

@ Paul_Dini To the fans concerned about Harley's new look in Suicide Squad, take comfort, she's looked worse:

@ MonasticProds Finished writing for the day .. with the line "They blast off over the heads of the rampaging creature hordes." $5m blown right there!

Hold tight Hollywood - I'm gonna blow open your budget and eat the remains.

@ bengcotton Secret Circle. That's all I'm allowed to say.

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