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Haven gets its meta-tweet on, why you should send rubber ducks to the set of Supernatural and which Buffy -alum is joining the Winchesters for season seven? All in this week’s tweets

[caption id="attachment_53853" align="alignnone" width="610" caption="@bodyguard4JandJ We need more ducks. Please send us your duck w/ your name %26 where you are from on it and we'll add it to our duck pond."]


TV characters tweeting is nothing new. Misfits did it yonks ago and Supernatural ’s Misha Collins posted a memorable meta-tweet during the rather brilliant season six episode “The French Mistake” earlier this year. But the makers of Haven took it one step further last Friday by having local newspaper oddballs Vince (@ VinceHaven ) and Dave (@ Davehaven ) interacting on and off screen with a troubled stranger (@ ColdInHaven ).

Unfortunately, as it all plays out in real time, this means if you live outside America (or in the wrong time zone) you had to have a very active imagination to play along, their tweets reading like some random tedious bickering. @ ColdInHaven ’s picture of a haunted pan also has a hilarious whiff of Most Haunted to it without context. That said it’s an interesting experiment in multi-media storytelling and one that’s set to conclude in the season finale at the end of next month.

In other news, you may have heard this past week that Frank Darabont made a shock exit from The Walking Dead mere days after a promotional appearance for the show at San Diego Comic Con. It’s since been reported that budget troubles at AMC were at the root of the problem, but whether Darabont walked or was pushed outspoken Sons Of Anarchy showrunner Kurt Sutter (who also made the rather brilliant The Shield ) cause a twit-storm with his "frank" allegations:

no one else wants to f—ing say it, but the greed of Mad Men is killing the other two best shows on tv — breaking bad and walking dead .

Darabont reacted strongly to slashed budgets. he made mistakes, he was fired. no creative in town will trust AMC to back up their artists.

I don’t know MW, got no beef with him. just hate that Darabont is being demonized. no one has the balls to tell the truth. MM gutted AMC.

Realising Twitter probably wasn’t the best forum for his uniquely unfiltered stream of consciousness, Sutter has now deleted his account (which you can read about on his NSFW blog ). Shame, the streams will be a less interesting place without him.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ DamonLindelof Please let this NOT be a typo. RT @TheRealNimoy Flying to Vegas con today. Lots of mamories and gratitude attached to this trip. LLAP

@ TheRealNimoy Meeeemories !!!! LLAP


@ eliroth Uh, anyone wanna split the new #StarWars blu ray box set with me?

I will be really generous and let you have episodes 1-3. Seriously, they're way cooler, lots more CG. You'll love them. #JediMindTricks

@ martinoxon Listing my favorite top ten horror comedies for an article: Shaun of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead, Shaun of the Dead...

@ bearmccreary Dream last night: we built sets %26 scoring stage in my backyard, cast %26 crew came over %26 started filming new eps of #CAPRICA . #Iwish

@ iansomerhalder On the door of @ninadobrev at work on TVD stages- Best underwear EVER...

@ AllCharisma Bad News - doesn't look like Expendables 2 is in my future. Good - I may be doing an ep of a show that involves special talents... Guess which

you and @ DallasRedhead win !!!!!! “ @excuseyou77 : @AllCharisma Supernatural? I hope I hope I hope.”

@ NathanFillion I pictured this thing bigger. With wings. And a screeching cry that tore at my soul.

@ serafinowicz I'd love to see Bruce Wayne go batshit crazy

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