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Awesome pic from Chuck producer; Misha Collins public holiday goes missing; Michael Cera may or may not like muffins; and more from the SF Twitterati…

Misha Collins ( ) was flattered and then swiftly annoyed when a bunch of enthusiastic Twitterers started campaigning for a tribute day to the not unattractive Supernatural star: “Thanks for trending #mishasbdayparade ,” he Tweeted. “Makes me feel better after Obama suddenly changed his mind about making today a national holiday.” It didn’t last though: ‘It’s also nice to see that Mr Twitter hasn’t lost his Stalinist zeal when it comes to censoring all things misha,” he moaned. “The trend’s been removed!” Shame on you, Twitter.

So, what else have our twinkly SF Twitterers been up to?

• Chuck executive producer Josh Schwartz ( ) was tantalising us with a mysterious image from the next season: “Watch CHUCK Season 4 if you want this photo to make sense!! ” (Over the weekend was the image was showing a lot more, but it seems to have gone a bit squinky at the moment, so keep clicking the link periodically to see if it corrects itself)

• Well, newly devirgined comic writer Jonathan Ross ( ) revealed the two things that make him proud to be British (please note one of them is rubbish): “I am at Miami airport about to fly home. Bumped into Danny Baker @ check-in and Dr Who is on TV – 2 things that make Britain Great!”

Ultimates artist Bryan Hitch ( ) teased something important: “Great writers, great projects. Marvel, creator owned, non comics, film, TV. I really hope I can spill some news soon. Bursting with news!”

• Edgar Wright ( ) told how dull bogus Twitter accounts can be: “One Norwegian paper here quoted from a fake Michael Cera twitter account in an article. The quote? ‘I am Michael Cera and I like muffins’”

• Damon Lindelof ( ) let slip what exactly his current favourite film is: “Am I seeing Piranha 3D tonight? Yes. Will I need to see it again immediately afterwards to determine whether it was a dream? Again, yes”

• Simon Pegg ( ) revealed that Pegg fans should start saving up their money: “That's it! I have delivered the last few changes and captions on my book. Nerd Do Well goes to print next week and comes out in October”

• And finally Ashes to Ashes man Matthew Graham ( ) closed his account down with an announcement to go to a new account, which should be full of mouthwatering TV news: “Find us @MonasticProds . So I guess this is BarCough signing off ... (Just like when they abandoned the capsule in Apollo 13) farewell BC... ”

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