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Two impossible pairs of feet, the great Supernatural live tweet and a Star Trek logo you can eat! All in the latest Tweets Of The Week

One of Twitter’s greatest advantages over other forms of social media is that it runs in real time, and with a client like Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Tweetlogix or Tweetbot you can receive updates by the second, whatever device you’re using while procrastinating working on the web. This has the potential to change the nature and dissemination of news forever, but more important than that, it means your favourite sci-fi stars can live-tweet episodes as they air, as the cast and crew of Supernatural did for last week’s episode “Pac-Man Fever”, guest-starring Felicia Day.

Despite Miss Day’s status as Queen of the Interwebs it was semi-regular Tweeter Jared Padalecki who offered the most interesting 140 character factoids, while writer Robbie Thompson posted a bunch of behind the scenes pics. Live-tweeting episodes is a common occurrence on Twitter (the cast of Being Human US and Warehouse 13 do it almost every week, for example) so ensure you’re following the stars of your favourite shows for behind-the-scenes snippets you won’t find elsewhere. Who needs DVDs featurettes anyway?

Felicia Day

@feliciaday Last Supernatural Tweet: Did anyone notice Charlie is wearing a Lying Cat shirt from Saga (best comic EVER?!) Nice touch @rthompson1138 !

@jarpad 1- they cut my line "can I move?" from the gun range scene... It was an homage to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

@rthompson1138 big props to The Carver (esp. for listening to my first 236 terrible video game pitches) and the rest of the #SPN writers #PacManFever

The SFX Twitter Stream

@MuchAdoFilm Joss: @clarkgregg and I are sworn to secrecy about our OTHER project, but yes, Leonato is a Life Model Decoy. #shakespearesoaheadofhistime

@edgarwright I was disappointed to discover that there is no 'Ant Man' tag at the end of 'Iron Man 3'. Although to be fair, I didn't actually direct one.

@mrdrewpearce Crossover #IronMan3 Fact: one of Tony's jokes also appears, slightly altered, in the first episode of my barely-seen TV series "No Heroics".

@simonpegg Some hotels really know how to make you feel welcome. This is chocolate.

@leeunkrich Two great tastes that taste great together.

@BryanSinger Off to the #whitehousecorrespondentsdinner @SirPatStew @IanMcKellen #WHCD

@PaddyConsidine Reasons why I didn't get the Star Wars gig pt. 5:

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@TheRock Michael Bay offered me Transformers, but I was unavailable due to Hercules. Then Wahlberg was offered the role. #RockTalk @Nadydi

@TimOfLegend Rob Zombie's new movie is about the brief period where Beetlejuice sang for Korn.

@bergopolis Hahahaha! Just found the loglines from my first meeting ever... with Joss Whedon on Buffy when I was just out of college and super green.

Sound familiar? Substitute artist with robot-builder. :)

First one may've inspired the arrival of Wesley. Would've really liked to have seen the second one comes to pass!

@LordGrimdark I frequently get emails from people saying, 'have you considered making your books into films?' Have they considered giving me $300,000,000?

@ManMadeMoon Then there was this phase...

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