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The Game Of Thrones / Firefly crossover we've all been waiting for, William Shatner on whether he'll guest star in Doctor Who and tributes to Lucasarts in the latest Tweets Of The Week

The return of everyone’s favourite boobs, blood and dragons series Game Of Thrones has left Twitter ablaze with chatter. This was inevitable, of course, but HBO’s social marketing team has been out in force over the last month or so, sending swag to celebs who have professed their love for the show on our social network of choice. Most recently, they’ve been sending out a series of house sigils (such as the Alan Tudyk/Wash Sigil to the left which left us aquiver with Game Of Thrones / Firefly potential); while in the run up to the show’s premiere personalised " House Boxes " were popping up in Twitpics and Vines all over celeb-filled feeds. It’s a savvy strategy. Rather than trying to force a trend via a hashtag, they spread the word via influential Tweeters with enough followers to make a significant impact. It’s not like they really need the publicity, of course, but as far as social marketing goes, few shows are doing it better.


@ ElizabethBanks The TRUE answer to the question: what House am I? "Anyone who isn't us is our enemy." # GameofThrones


@pattonoswalt Duhhhhn duhhhhn dun-nuh-nuh-nuhhh...all rise, nerds, for your national anthem. #GameofThrones

@elizadushku #NowWatching #GameOfThrones ! You?

@Josh_Friedman I love GoT but there's so many characters that eps sometimes feel like the curtain call number at Mama Mia. #everyonegetsaverse

The SFX Twitter Stream

@rianjohnson I will plant my flag on Portal being a prime example of sublime storytelling in a video game, precisely because it IS "just" a puzzle game.

@Paul_Cornell Doctor Who just made me cry. And loads of other parents, I should think.

@StaciaKane Let's not forget, companions are no longer companions. They solve everything and are Very Special while the Doctor watches. #doctorwho

@geoffjohns I just found this cleaning out a drawer!! Didn't even know I had it!!! 1st Wolverine!!

@JamesGunn Galaxy Quest is an amazing film that that should be mentioned alongside classics like Back to the Future and Ghostbusters.

@TwoPaddocks The cast of #JP3 slipped next door for the JP ride once. , in our hats etc Sadly we weren't recognised : had to line up with the rest #JP3D

@stephenfry So devastated by tje sad sad news about Iain Banks - he and Iain M. Banks, his sci-fi alter ego, two of my favourite living writers.

@scalzi Have never met Iain Banks but do so very enjoy and admire his work. Hope his remaining time is blessed with family and friends.

@Paul_Dini A defining image from my childhood, thanks to Carmine. RIP.

@wossy RIP Carmine Infantino. Another comic book legend has left us. But what an incredible legacy.

@MarcW Day 42. Thinking about some new villains...

Tweets Of The Week continues on page two with tributes to Lucasarts, and William Shatner on who's keeping him out of Who!

@wescraven : Oh, the good old days... #tbt #nightmareonelmstreet

@MuseEntertains a pic I took of my monsters on set while filming ep 312 of #BeingHuman @MeaghanRath @SamWitwer @SammyHuntington

@kyle_newman Disney announces cancellation of The Clone Wars, Detours, 3D Re-releases, 1313, LucasAnimation + Lucasarts. What's next? The Sequel Trilogy?

@SamWitwer To the incredible artists at #Lucasarts who kept Star Wars relevant and alive for fans - You have my admiration and respect. Was an honor.

@grumpygamer Sad day today, but not surprising, you had to see that coming. I was employee #9 at Lucasfilm Games.

Brilliant! @thorn_bulle : Fermer Lucasart ? Disney a-t-il pensé aux conséquences ?

If I ever get the rights to Monkey Island back, first thing I'm going to make is Monkey Island Kart Racing.

@OldRoberts953 Now even the Queen's got a BAFTA. Where's my bloody BAFTA?

@andrewstanton Sorry for the absence, but... Twitter silence for 6 months = Finding Dory (and more.) #staytuned

@simonpegg You know what you don't see enough of these days? Films about superheroes. Come on Hollywood!

@SolihullPolice Arrested a 28yr old man today for stealing a Twilight Saga DVD box set, store owner suggested making him watch it as punishment.

@trutriciahelfer I can't understand why they don't lighten the eyebrows of Daenerys %26 Cersei in #GoT Everytime I see a pic/promo I wanna scream "wig!!" #fb

There's even more Tweets Of The Week on page three, with a glimpse behind the scenes of Kick-Ass 2 and how The Walking Dead jumped the shark...

@JeffWadlow ADR with Night Bitch!!! #kickass2

@bbcdoctorwho The read through has just finished for the #DoctorWho50th Special!

@jwrinzler Can finally talk about The Star Wars comic book. Am having a blast adapting it--first complete story George wrote of galaxy far, far. away..

@ManMadeMoon "Magnificult" - something very difficult to achieve, but hugely worth doing. Example; making the Warcraft movie is MAGNIFICULT.

@BryanSinger Magneto toys

@charltonbrooker Bioshock Infinite's alright, but spare me the surrounding philoso-wank. It's a game where you shoot guns and cast spells like a wizard.

To be clear, Bioshock Infinite is great fun. But *very* pretentious. Feels like the second Matrix movie crossed with Alice in Wonderland.

@Aimzabeth @MuchAdoFilm at #WonderCon ! #MuchAdo #MuchAdoAboutNothing

Wil Wheaton

@wilw In a deleted scene, The Governor drives away, and launches his truck right over a zombie shark. He jumps it, if you will.

@DamonLindelof There's gonna be some cool INTO DARKNESS stuff during tonight's WALKING DEAD finale. #CumberbatchIsNotPlayingAZombie

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