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Lost ended and celebrity fans reacted; meanwhile Mark Millar settles down to write Kick-Ass 2 - that's the Twitterverse today

We have at last said a fond farewell to two of SF TV's most cherished mainstays. Apart from Ashes to Ashes, the Lost finale (simulcast over here at 5am this morning) became the most Twittered subject for that hour.

"Am I shallow," Twittered co-creator Damon Lindelof, "if I want Lost finale to overtake #ilovelifebecause on the trending chart? (damn... I just helped them with this tweet)". "The final episode of LOST will, I think, really need a musical number," Tweeted Warren Ellis. 'Dem Bones', for instance." Even the stars of rival shows got in on the act: "So, this whole "Island" is just a grain of sand in Seth Norris' finger nail, bro," wrote Heroes' Greg Grunberg. "Like, the plane crashed under my nail on a booger, man!!" Wil Wheaton decided to be a spoilsport, however: "Just to be contrarian, this is *not* a #LostFinale spoiler." Simon Pegg, meanwhile, as Lost's seemingly biggest fan and Twitter's most prolific Tweeter, wasn't in the mood for a scene by scene online commentary: "Goodbye Twitter I'm going away to avoid Lost spoilers. I'll be back soon providing I don't get a sense of empowerment from the separation." While his Shaun of the Dead co-star Peter Serafinowicz predicted a different end to the show: "In tonight's episode, the cast find a DVD of S1 of Lost!"

There were, of course, other things going on last week besides a lot of overexcited fans getting buzzy about the end of Lost. Mark Millar announced that he was finally getting round to a sequel to his most famous work: "Just made tea and sitting down to write second issue of Kick-Ass 2. Sipping tea is the perfect way to get in the mood for ultra-violence". And Stargate's David Hewlett finally got round to watching one of the best SF movies of recent years: "Watched Moon, but kept thinking of Rod and Rodney on Stargate Atlantis...Great flick though, well worth watching, even without me in it!"

Meanwhile, Misha Collins shared this: "Why do so many of you keep inviting me to amsterdam with the promise of drugs and hookers. I'm not into that stuff. I like guns and arson". And finally Simon Pegg - before he went AWOL - Twittered this thought: "Someone please form a band and call it Quantum Darwinsim. It's my new favourite phrase and concept. Science is flooding the darkest corners!"

More next week, Twitterfolk.

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