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Tweets Of The Week

Neil Gaiman on WhoSay

Twitter was made for Halloween. Without it how else would you see Nathan Fillion’s inspired ode-to-the-home-country costume? Or Patton Oswalt’s incredible supervillain get-up? It may have been somewhat overshadowed by a little Star Wars announcement thing last week, but here’s our overdue round up of our favourite tweets from Halloween 2012:

@ NathanFillion Show me your Halloween costumes!! Here's mine-

@ TheRock "Don't make angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" The People's Hulk #HappyHalloween

@ TheAVClub Here's @PattonOswalt 's elaborate Halloween costume #GreatJobInternet

@ MillaJovovich Paul and I on Halloween!!

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ EdgeRatedR Anyone else find it odd that in the credits I'm WWE Superstar Edge? # awkward

@ JaneEspenson That scene in tonight's #OnceUponATime was rare instance of Vancouver actually playing the role of Vancouver on TV.

@ TimOfLegend Biggest technical inaccuracy of Wreck-It Ralph: there is an arcade in it that's still in business.

@ DamonLindelof If I ever need a suicide note, I'll just print out this comments section.

Felicia Day

@ feliciaday Hmm can anyone guess what I'm doing today?

You guessed right!!! What better place to be on Halloween than on the set of #Supernatural ? Charlie’s back! :)

@ JamesGunn So excited for the new Star Wars films! First up, three Jar Jar movies, taking us through 2019, and then the Dash Rendar trilogy! Whoo hoo!

@ neilhimself I believe that we've just locked my Dr Who script. I probably won't have to write it again until we need new ADR dialogue once it's edited.

@ WilliamShatner @AlexStubbe : @williamshatner Debuting tonight at halloween party as full-blown Trekkie. Any advice?” Don't wear red. MBB

@ EddieMcClintock I got high today, for the first time in 13 years! #WAREHOUSE13

@ radiomaru LOOPER is imho so perfect that i don't feel required to write or create anything ever again. We're safe in @rcjohnso 's hands. hahahaha sigh

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