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One of the great things about Twitter is that, short of sitting everyone in the country in the same room, it’s the closest we can get to a mass communal experience watching Doctor Who . It’s a show that needs to be discussed, shared and felt with others, no episode more so than “The Angels Take Manhattan”, the trigger for Twitter’s first mass blub on Saturday evening:

@ RattyBurvil Best of luck cry babies.

@ KarenGillan2 and it begins....i am not holding it together!!!!!!!

@ themarcuswilson Another series done! Thank you to a fantastic cast and crew. A fitting farewell to Karen %26 Arthur - they'll be missed! Here comes Christmas!

@ jamesmoran Doctor Who just slayed me. So lovely, and sad, and I'm still not ready yet so may have to rewatch from s5 again. Slowly.

@ OldRoberts953 Shattered by #DoctorWho . Pulling bits of self together.

@ Paul_Cornell You two @RattyBurvil and @KarenGillan2 were absolutely wonderful, thank you for everything.

@ neilhimself @KarenGillan2 @RattyBurvil I loved writing words for both of you.

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ straczynski Richard Biggs. Andreas Katsulas. Jeff Conaway. Tim Choate. Michael O'Hare. Enough already. Go pick on somebody else's cast.

@ mrmarkmillar My first request on Day 1 at Fox: @TheRealStanLee cameos are no longer enough for us. We want Stan playing CYCLOPS %26 REED RICHARDS!!!

@ ZacharyLevi Happy 5th Anniversary Chucksters. Feels like only yesterday I was still workin on my 5 year plan and had hair like Greg Brady.

Wil Wheaton

@ wilw Thinking about what TNG means to me after 25 years really hits me right in the feels.

@ TeamCoco Has anyone given @MittRomney a "Voight-Kampff" test? Just askin'.

@ Josh_Friedman Tv pilots have as much 2 do w/ tv series as weddings do w/ marriages. However, u can pretty much tell if your friend's marrying an asshole.

@ SyfyUK @MollyEllaClarknow How much did it cost to produce #Continuum ? A: We spent just over $2 Million/episode

@ EllenPage Little known fact: I played the cat in the matrix

@ SethGreen Love you Robot-Stan!!! RT @TheRealStanLee is recovering from having a pacemaker put in. He's a cyborg now!

@ MarcW Ready for round 2.

There's lots of love for Looper and Captain Mal meets Number One as Tweets of the Week continues...

@ rcjohnso I know I keep saying "thank you guys for the kind words" but I'm really touched by them all, so fuck it - thank you guys for the kind words!

@ M_E_Winstead Completely overwhelmed and kinda emotional after LOOPER. If we get more movies like this, we are very, very lucky. @rcjohnso @hitRECordJoe

@ JRichardKelly LOOPER is fantastic. Saw it last night and can't wait to see it again. Great work by @rcjohnso and his DP Steve Yedlin.

@ rainnwilson . @HitRecordJoe Good thing Looper was awesome cause otherwise I would have called it 'Pooper'.

@ radiomaru Someone made an intelligent, thrilling science fiction movie for adults, and that someone is @rcjohnso with LOOPER!!!

@ ManMadeMoon For anyone out there who claims they love R rated sci-fi, but hasn't seen Dredd or Looper, do it. This is the good stuff.

@ SarcasticRover Soaking up cosmic radiation for almost 2 months and I don't have a single damn super-power. STAN LEE IS A LIAR! EXCELSIOR!

@ jamesmoran I believe that one day the music of Wyld Stallyns will bring about a new era of peace and prosperity.

@ JoshuaEGomez My new #Borderlands2 avatar outfit looks a bit like season 2 Morgan, no?

@ NathanFillion Whatevs.

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