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One of the worst things about Twitter is people moaning about this, that and everything. Conversely one of the best things about Twitter is being able to moan about this, that and everything with other like-minded souls.

What Twitter has done is made the watercooler, the office, the post-work-pint discussion a shared social experience. Take just this morning when author GP Taylor ( Shadowmancer , the Vampyre Labyrinth series) appeared on BBC Breakfast arguing in favour of an age-rating system for children’s literature because it has become too frightening.

Fellow author Patrick Ness ( A Monster Calls ) also appeared on the show to squarely rebut Taylor’s position, a baton carried by Twitter in the minutes and hours after:

@ monstroso So why was GP Taylor on BBC news suggesting govt introduce measures to keep books out of the hands of the kids who want to read them? Prat

@ GPTAYLORAUTHOR @monstroso Dear CH - if you had taken time I said that I wanted a method of showing PARENTS what was age appropriate NOT children

@ monstroso @GPTAYLORAUTHOR As @Patrick_Ness pointed out, certificates on films/dvds encourage rather than deter teens

@ Patrick_Ness Well, that was fun! Notice how often GP Taylor said the names of his books? Glad we were all clear on priorities.

@ mrtonylee If a scary story gives a kid nightmares? GOOD. THAT'S THE POINT OF A SCARY STORY. The reader will learn. If they like it? They'll continue.

@ lavietidhar I think GP Taylor is bang on about age restriction on kids books. For instance, they could put a TERRIBLE WRITING warning on GP Taylor books

@ KimeCurran . @Patrick_Ness being brilliantly eloquent as always on BBC Breakfast time, taking about darkness in YA. One for iPlayer if you missed it.

@ davidgatward Apparently @GPTAYLORAUTHOR had "Great fun on BBC Breakfast talking about books". Censoring's always fun, isn't it?

Needless to say, it’s a debate with some very impassioned opinions on either side, particularly from GP Taylor and Charlie Higson. Be sure to check out their respective Twitter feeds for more on the matter: @ GPTAYLORAUTHOR @ monstroso

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ alan_tudyk Watching Firefly through for first time in 10 years. I have forgotten so much, it's like new to me. I can't recall anything from season two

@ OldRoberts953 So there was an episode of On The Buses called The Lodger. Maybe there should be eps of Dr Who called 'The Cistern' or 'Mum's Last Fling'.

@ TheHorrorMaster RIP Cabbie. Ernie, you will be missed.

@ pattonoswalt Maybe "Bandstand Boogie" on cassette tape ended up inspiring world peace. Y'ever think of THAT, Plissken? #RIPBorgnine

@ TheRealNimoy Ernest Borgnine was helpful to me when we worked together on Wagon Train. Before Star Trek. A good man. RIP

@ THEBRYANHITCH Just watched Chronicle again last night. A very good movie indeed.

@ ChrisChibnall Trying to combat floods in my home town by being in Paris talking about Doctor Who. #ComicConParis

@ DavidBlue Roddy Piper wants his friend to put on the glasses, so he tries to gouge out his eye. Makes perfect sense in the 80s. #TheyLive

@ ManMadeMoon "Indiana Jones and the Jurassic Park." Biggest box office ever?

@ stevendeknight Sweet Monkey Jesus? RT @KarenBlueEyes_ @spartacus_starz If Joss Whedon is God... What does that make @stevendeknight ? #SpartacusCC

@ hitRECordJoe RT @wbpictures : #GCPD 's Gary Oldman %26 Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( @hitrecordjoe ) in full force at #TheDarkKnightRises junket.

@ jock4twenty Heading to the #DREDD movie panel at LFCC. Loved the movie. A visceral, violent, beautiful looking thriller....

@ leeunkrich Just read story about Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) sneaking onto set of The Shining and wandering around snowed-in hedge maze.

@ DamonLindelof Is there a better movie, ever, than GALAXY QUEST? No. There is not.

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