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Predictably, Olympic fever gripped Twitter again this week. Last night’s closing ceremony was a highlight for sci-fi fans, with the Pet Shop Boys arriving in the Olympic Stadium escorted by Silent Hill -esque Pyramid Heads and Eric Idle sporting camp Stormtrooper leisurewear throughout his (brilliant) routine.

But whereas the Olympics showcased Twitter’s glorious potential as the modern watercooler, the news that the Beeb has commissioned a new Doctor Who docu-drama to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary was the perfect example of Twitter as a breaking news service. The strict character limits mean more traditional forms of media will always be necessary for analysis and explanation, but Twitter couldn’t be better for finding out information fast and first.

@ Markgatiss "One day, I shall come back". Thrilled to announce I'm writing a long-cherished drama about the creation of 'Doctor Who'!

The SFX Twitter Stream

@ SethGreen Interesting fact about Joss Whedon- sometimes to let off steam, he secretly records his hard core rap.

@ simonpegg Contrary to what certain TV listings mags say there will NOT be a new episode of Spaced as part of Ch4's funny fortnight. Cheers Radio Times

@ MsJaimeMurray So much fun 2 get creepy %26 weird with u :) RT @Nicole__Munoz Shot a great scene with the lovely @MsJaimeMurray today :)

@ joe_dante Screening my latest and my greatest in Chicago!


@ nbccommunity Awesome behind-the-scenes shot of the first table read for Season 4 of #Community ! @abobrow >

@ MattStrevens1 End of the first week of the final block. All looking great but too much sex for my liking. Bonktastic. #misfits

Off to set cut of ep4. Can't wait as it's quite a stylish ep and was great fun to shoot. And VERY sad. #misfits

@ RobertKirkman We wrapped on the mid-season finale of @WalkingDead_AMC a few hours ago. Amazing work from all involved, this Georgia crew kicks ass!

Bryan Lee O Malley

@ radiomaru If I did a sequel it'd be about how Lisa Miller is a total hot mess with tons of problems, just to ruin your dreams #mean #cruel #authentic


I personally think it is super cool that @ubisoft decided to add online multiplayer to Scott Pilgrim, after 2 years (!!!).

@ ZacharyLevi Sarah Walker!!! #KiwiPower

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@ EmilyroseLA @nolan_north and I in set yesterday

Joshua Gomez

@ JoshuaEGomez I went to visit a family members new born today and my family made me shave so I wouldn't scare her.. True story. #beardscanbescary

@ paul_mcguigan TOTAL RECALL (2012)...lacked a beauty and a soul but I guess it was never proclaiming to have either...

@ ManMadeMoon Looking at all the construction that has been going up in London since I've been gone. Non Olympic stuff. So much sci-fi architecture!

@ thatdickmiller Avengers 2 should assemble Harry Dean Stanton as the security guard again. Hell, throw me in there too!

@ bergopolis Got gay-married in Skyrim to my loyal mage sidekick, Mercutio. He thought I was straight until I put on a fancy amulet. #toobaditsjustagame

@ alydenisof My 3 year old saw a pic of Darth Vader %26 wanted to know why he dresses in all black. She wants to buy him a pink mask %26 flower underwear.

@ simonpegg I really liked 'Rises' but I think it owes a debt to Miller's 'Returns' that too few people will appreciate.

Others too, Knight Fall etc. Seeing TDKR without reading those comics is like Watching Shaun having never seen a Romero film.

Yes, No Man's Land too. Really enjoyed it though. Love Bale's commitment to it and Michael Caine is an absolute god. That's that covered.

@ theThomasDekker John %26 Cameron #tscc

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