Tristan & Isolde review

"Why does loving you feel so wrong?" coos Sophia Myles' Irish princess Isolde to James Franco's English knight Tristan. Let's see: might it be the fact that she's just married his foster father (Rufus Sewell)? But a more relevant question might be how this drab delve into Celtic mythology got the greenlight, especially after its original director Ridley Scott bailed to make the not dissimilar Kingdom Of Heaven.

His replacement Kevin Reynolds makes a fair stab at this medieval legend, assembling a couple of visceral battle sequences and coaxing a nuanced performance from the underrated Sewell. Yet it still feels like a muddier re-run of King Arthur spliced with Reynolds' own Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves, while Franco's petulant lover is no one's idea of a dreamboat. "We both know this cannot be!" sobs Myles during one of their trysts. Unfortunately, it be.

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