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Trials Fusion gets online multiplayer in a free update

Online multiplayer has finally arrived in Trials Fusion as part of a free update, a scant nine months after the game's release. Developer RedLynx has spent that time making sure the game's online modes surpass those found in 2012's Trials Evolution, which was the first to add online multiplayer to the long-running series.

The most obvious upgrade is that new-gen and PC players will be able to race with up to seven other players, online each on their own track. And thankfully, you'll always see yourself on the track closest to the camera - no more trying to squint past other players if you happen to get slotted in near the back.

Players can host their own tournaments and seasons as well as spectating others' matches. They'll soon be able to create custom races for play online featuring tweaks to gravity, speed, and the inherent on-fire-ness of the competition. RedLynx plans to make more changes to Track Central in an upcoming patch.

This is a big boost from the original release, which only featured local multiplayer and online leaderboards - though defending the top spot for your favorite level among friends was, and still is, pretty awesome.

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