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Touch the Dead review

We get dead 'n' furious with the DS


  • Proper on-rails shooter
  • Fun and brutal gameplay
  • Strategy involved in reloading


  • Sometimes too difficult
  • Nothing groundbreaking
  • Zombies taking a bite of your neck

At last; how long have we had to wait before the DS had its own on-rails first-person shooter? With the stylus substituting itself for a light gun, and the power inside capable of drawing 3D corridors, it’s madness that it’s taken two years for one to appear. Touch the Dead is a fun and brutal shoot-’em-up, asking you to balance shooting and reloading while hordes of slavering zombies bumble their way toward you. And it’s hard. Knowing where to hit the dead lumps of flesh, and when to do the lengthy reloads is the key, as you blast blood all over the screen. Not groundbreaking, but definitely distracting, we’d like a bigger on-rails shooter soon please.

More Info

DescriptionWipe out wave after wave of zombies by tapping them with the DS's plastic pen. Touch the Dead has the potential to be frantic fun in short bursts.